About this Blog

Hi there… You have just reached the personal blog for all the ranting needs and mischievous deeds of me, the Aussie open-source hacker and general weird person Jedimark.

When I eventually start finding enough of that mythical “spare time” to actually make proper use of it, the content posted here will be ultimately raw, often blunt, sometimes enlightening, potentially crude, depending on your perspective moderately blasphemous, and most definitely not G rated.

If you are an easily offended type, or just trying to track my software development projects without risking your sanity, please for the love of Cthulhu/Odin/the FSM/allah [click here instead] for a safer place that hopefully won’t foster as much mutual resentment/boredom/or otherwise general lack of respect for one another.

I don’t hide what I am, nor do I pretend to be what I am not. I am a proud member of the human race from planet Earth. I am not a Christian, nor do I subscribe to any other cosmic creation fantasies. My only religion and life-force that flows through me is love.

I feel a oneness and connection to the universe, but I will vehemently expose and spit venom towards those who wilfully exploit others and make this world a miserable, cold and callous place.

Feel free to think less of me or my work because of how you were taught to react to that.