A message to the SleepyHead-dev Discord room

If I was a PAID developer and y’all were my boss, you’d totally have a say over how I prioritize my work, and get to tell me how you’d prefer stuff gets done.. But as it is, I am my own boss.

I’m not attempting to disrespect the contributions, efforts, or donations others made on behalf of the SleepyHead project, but I damn well designed and wrote the absolute vast majority of CODE that makes SleepyHead possible on my own dime, time and energy. I created it out of thin air which took an immense amount of effort.

According to the COCOMO model (which we all know ain’t that accurate, but nevertheless, it paints a picture, and the reality doesn’t feel far off: see here https://www.openhub.net/p/sleepyhead) I’ve pulled a double shift for over 7 years straight working on SleepyHead… and that’s including the time I spent writing a shit-ton of code I wrote that didn’t get committed during the periods so many of y’all thought I wasn’t “active” enough, that got DUMPED AND ABANDONED because of people bitching and moaning for me to return to the old codebase. It’s also not including my current 2.0 work either, that history seems to be repeating itself with.

It’s time to tell all of those people trying to halt progress or whine like kids in the back seat asking “are we there yet?” to sit down and zip it.
I’ve learned over the past 7 years to trust my own judgements more, and not allow people to walk all over me.

I designed most of SleepyHead’s old core database stuff at the peak of a period of ill health when I was experiencing major concentration problems.. Even now after Webkit is dead, there is a lot of stuff that must¬†be fixed (no if’s, but’s or maybe’s) to continue any further with development. Thankfully I’ve a much clearer head now than I did back then, so am much better equipped to properly pull that off. (I still get frequent migraines, but I’ve developed much better coping skills… not so much for the stress induced ones I get from people not knowing when to back off.)

Ignoring the blaring structural issues that *need* sorting, there’s not enough of coders in the SleepyHead-dev community with the specialised skill-sets and code-base understanding needed to pull off a decent “1.1” interim release. Sorry, but that’s hardly my fault! (or should I be paying for developers to do that too, on top of all the rest I’ve provided for free?)

The crux of this is I choose where I point my spare time and resources that I’m willing to give away. I am not going to waste them making hacks on a codebase deprecated because of a major lack of developer interest, where I have to redo all that same work again aftewards. (And no, it’s not a simple case of copy and paste from one code-base to another, porting between them is difficult and time consuming.)

My time is not worthless, neither am I a resource for y’all to set my priorities. Kindly cut the bullshit. I want to see new SleepyHead builds as much as the rest of you… even more so! I created the project to make this happen in the first place and invested 7 years into it!

—> I just DON’T want to release any more shit software builds because I’m constantly being rushed by PEOPLE WHO DON’T CONTRIBUTE TO THE ACTUAL FREAKING CODE, nor understand the complexities of software development.¬† <–

I’ve made it my mission to fix “what I got wrong” with the design of SleepyHead (a topic I intend on writing about later, detailing that, along with what I believe I’ve gotten right… I learned an awful lot along the way making SleepyHead.) Your reported bugs and unfinished importers are important and included in that, but not until core issues are resolved first.

Testers, translators and doc writers *are* needed and appreciated, but right now, what you see as “almost working” in 1.1 codebase, quite honestly, isn’t, and I wish people would quit pretending they know the old code-base better than the person who freaking wrote it. You don’t, so please cut that shit out.

Oh, and I’ve said this before, but stating it clearly here: Will all those who think they have a right to speak for me or make announcements or release builds on my behalf on the forums kindly quit that bullshit. I’ll make my own announcements on SleepyHead’s website from now on, which will be up and online when I’m good and ready.